Universitatea Craiova ordered to play two matches behind closed doors


Universitatea Craiova have been ordered to play their next two European games behind closed doors after a referee from Northern Ireland was hit by an object thrown from the crowd.

After Arnold Hunter was struck, the game was stopped for 30 minutes before the fourth official then took charge.

The incident occurred in Craiova’s Europa League qualifier home win over Hungarian side Honved on 1 August.

Uefa suspended a third game for two years, and also issued a £55,000 fine.

In addition to the throwing of objects, Romanian side Craiova were also charged over racist behaviour, crowd disturbances, setting off fireworks and insufficient organisation.

Honved have been charged with racist behaviour, crowd disturbances and improper conduct of the team – their case will be heard on 22 August.

The Hungarian side said the “scandalous” scenes during the second leg of the second qualifying round tie should have seen it called off.

A brawl broke out between players in the last minute of extra time and a smoke bomb was thrown from the stands, with referee Hunter requiring treatment on the pitch after being struck.

The match did not restart for more than half an hour before, with the fourth official in charge, Craiova won 3-1 on penalties.